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Affiliate Marketing For Facebook

Internet Marketing is the future of Marketing, according to statistics, the growth of the use of Internet is becoming more each and every year.
Affiliate for Facebook
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There are different types of Internet Marketing such as; Affiliate Marketing, Content Marketing, email marketing, search engine Marketing, etc, and all of them are very effective, but in this guide I want to tell you about doing affiliate marketing on Facebook.
Now when it comes to making money online, we all see the potential of Facebook, we all believe in one way or the other that Facebook must be a sustainable place to promote a business or product in order to increase or make sales, that’s absolutely correct, people are making money everyday on Facebook, and it doesn’t matter whether you have a business or your own personal Product.
You can promote other business Products and make commission whenever you refer someone to make a purchase of the product that you’re promoting.
So if you have been asking questions like,
How do I become an affiliate on Facebook
How to make money with Facebook
Is affiliate marketing allowed on Facebook,
Then this guide is specially designed for you, after reading this article, you’ll have the full knowledge and skills of how to make money on Facebook with affiliate marketing.
Are you ready to know? Let’s begin.
Okay, I want to take you through each and every process gradually without rush, so that you can have the full impact about this.

What is affiliate marketing?

Now before you start thinking of going into this subject, if you don’t know exactly what affiliate marketing is and how It works, then you may need to read this part.
Affiliate Marketing is the art of promoting other company’s product in order to make commission Everytime you refer someone to buy the product.
The image below explains it more
How affiliate marketing works
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Let’s say, I have a business that is offering shoes for sale, I can ask you to look for customers for me, and then each time you bring a customer that buy my product, I will compensate you for your effort, that’s all about affiliate marketing.
Though, affiliate marketing works in different ways, based on how you choose to promote the products, you can do it on your blog/website, Social media accounts, you can do it with your friends, etc.
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Can affiliate marketing make you rich?

This is a fair question to ask before making a decision on starting affiliate marketing, because most people before they start doing affiliate marketing, they tend to have this believe that they want to quit their full-time job to focus more on affiliate marketing.
Now if you don’t know whether it can do this for you, then you’re making a wrong choice, so knowing the answer to this question is a good reason.


Affiliate Marketing For Facebook can make you rich, but just like every other business, it depends on how serious you’re and also how skillful you’re.

You may be applying a lot of time and effort, but if your professionalism is not enough, you may end up losing it, or making something Less than what you expected, but if you know what you’re doing, you’ll surely make success with affiliate marketing.
How to do affiliate marketing on Facebook
Okay, after Knowing all of those information about affiliate marketing, let’s start to dig deep into the art of doing the real thing, please pay a close attention!
There are three ways I am going to show you in this guide, however, you can use all of them at a time in order to maximize your selling effectiveness, but if you ask me for recommendations, I think it will be nice to go with one first, then you can apply the other methods later, anyway let’s get started.
First you need to sign up for affiliate program; this is where you’ll receive product/service that you can promote on Facebook to make sales.
And one of the most Important thing affiliate Marketers are leaving behind is, the right kind of Products to promote, if you choose something that is not normally making sales, then it will affect you, but if you choose something that people are already falling in love with, it will become easier for you to make sales, so before you start, try to find out what products are selling the most online first, you can do that on Google trends, it allows you to see how many people are looking for a particular term online,
You can then compare the trend with other products in your niche
Comparing frying pan with spatula in Google trends
and choose the ones with the high search volumes.
Comparing frying pan with spatula in Google trends
There are other paid tools you can use to find out what’s trending on the internet, but if You’re looking for free and useful tool, try Google trends.
After successfully discovering the products you want to promote, you can then choose a suitable affiliate marketing program to join, there are many affiliate marketing programs you can join and start promoting Products right away, if you don’t know which one to start with, below are my recommendations.
Best affiliate programs for beginners
You should make your decision, also remember to choose just one to go with, some of them may take time to approve your submission while some may work even instantly.
After choosing one, let’s talk about the three ways you can do affiliate marketing on Facebook.

1. Facebook timeline affiliate marketing

This is the method of using your personal timeline to advertise Products or services to people, just like your daily posting, you can turn that into a money making stream.
You can promote a product to your friends and many others simply by posting quality content that is intended to promote the products of which you are trying to sell.
Affiliate Marketing for Facebook
But there’s one law. You must create quality Contents, because that is where the potential lies in, whether you’ll make success or not depends on your Contents, and you must remember not to flood your timeline with only affiliate links, sometimes you can add beautiful pictures that will help the audience better understand your content.

2. Facebook page affiliate marketing

This is a great Way to promote your affiliate products in a more professional manner.
The below image shows a very good example of Facebook page affiliate marketing from jumia’s Facebook page
Affiliate Marketing example with jumia Facebook page

at the top right corner of the written Content you can see a link, if anyone clicks on that link, he/she will be taken to jumia store to make purchase, thus; increasing slaes for the company

First you have to create a page and invite people to like the page, the page must be about the type of product you want to be promoting, for example, if you want to promote t-shirt or clothes, then your page has to be about fashion.
After inviting your friends to like the page, start creating compelling Contents that attracts comments and engagements, make sure you’re doing this right, after doing this for some time, notify your friends to start inviting other people to like the page.
When you have enough likes on the page,
Affiliate Marketing example with jumia Facebook page

you can then start to promote your affiliate products, do this with caution, you don’t want to scare your audience away, don’t be too pushy, provide them something that is helpful and you wont have to beg them to buy It.

Always remember, whatever Content you’re creating for your page must be related to the niche you chose.

3. Facebook groups affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing for Facebook groups
This is another great way to make sales for your affiliate products, you can either create your own Facebook group and invite members, or you can also do this on other peoples groups, but whenever you’re doing this on others group, you must follow rules, if not, they’ll report your account and you may have it closed down.
If you want to promote your products on others group, you can either contact the admins of that group about your post, or you can use a little trick that I gave in one of my Articles, read it here.
But if you want to create your own Facebook group from scratch, then follow the Bellow steps.
Create a niche group, but always make sure your group topic is related to the type of products you want to be offering as I stated earlier.
Invite as many friends as you can to join the group, infact, you should invite all of your friends, start creating engaging Contents and then tell your friends to invite their friends, when you have enough audience, you can start promoting your affiliate products in the group, but please make sure you’re creating quality Contents, sorry I didn’t give you tip on how to create quality Contents for your Facebook Marketing,
But you should be checking back sometimes because next time, I am going to write an article that will teach you how to create quality Contents that will attract customers for your Facebook Marketing.
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Facebook affiliate marketing rules

There’s one thing with Facebook, you can use it as you like, but they hate spamming, if you’re doing something too much, it won’t take long before your account will be deleted from Facebook.
So the only rule you should never break is spamming, try as hard as you can not to spam and you’ll enjoy your Facebook merketing a lot.
This it how to do affiliate marketing for Facebook, oh yeah, if you’re interested in starting, use this tip given above, and I promise you won’t regret it, and if you have anything to say about this, please leave your thought on the comments section below.
Good luck!