Anambra Election, PDP and the need for retrospect – Dr. Kalu

Anambra ElectionAnambra Election, PDP and the need for retrospect – Dr. Kalu

A PDP Chieftain and Nafional Director Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, Chief Dr.Emeka Kalu, has made extensive analysis of the political atmosphere prevalent in Anambra State at the moment, giving insight into the need to adopt a deep sensitive approach to chatting a postive future for the Anambra people.

In his press statement to the media, made few days after returning from burial of his mother in-law, he postulated that the time has come for PDP to do away with money bag politics and scout for the best man that will change the futunes of the state.

“Generally, for our great party to still be assured of 2023 victory at the center, we must look inward to choose a candidate that is salable and has a wide acceptance by the people, thus, the person to fly the party’s flag must be a grassroots politician, we cannot focus on the people that are throwing money here and there to confuse the people.

“Money bag can no longer win elections, we as a party must build a strong base that will pay off in 2023, we have so many Aspirants, the party needs to look at them holistically and also get opinions from street surveys conducted Independently from our great party.

“There have been a lot going on in the Anambra political space, let us not make a mistake that hurt this party and also truncate our hope to regain center in 2023.

“Therefore, I personally believe that we need to look at the aspirants one by one, I also insist that the youths, the Artisans etc,must do the same to support the candidate that will work for the state, the one that already has a proven blueprint, not a 4 years Political contractor.

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“We must bear it in mind that most of these politicians are out to use and dump the people till the next election. We cannot continue to elect the political bigots that wants to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the suffering messes, this trend must stop.

“I am urging the party to do a comprehensive check on all these aspirants, as a good markets sales it’s self. We must not pick candidates because the individual is throwing money around. But our standpoint, our criteria must be focused on fielding a grassrooter who can understand the role of government in the lives of the people he must lead” he concluded.

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