Anambra has become a debtor state under Obiano PDP Aspirant

Anambra has become a debtor state under ObianoAnambra has become a debtor state under Obiano PDP Aspirant The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Aspirant in the forthcoming  Anambra State elections, and former Adviser to President Obasanjo on political matters, Dr. Ifedi Okwenna said that Anambra State under the incumbent administration of Governor Willie Obiano has moved from a state with a surplus to a debtor state.

Anambra has become a debtor state under Obiano

Dr. Okwenna however, attributed the ugly development to the negative impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the resultant recession, and inefficient and reckless management of the resources of the State by the incumbent administration in the state.
Anambra has become a debtor state under Obiano
Dr. Okwenna who said this in a statement, also observed that the revenue from the federation account is continuously declining with the unceasing fall in the price of crude oil in the international market.
“This means that our State’s own share from the federation account is dwindling incessantly too. Our Internally generated revenue (IGR) is not improving at a rate it will take care of our existing and novel challenges, as our revenue collection system is currently bedeviled by corruption, under the declaration, and non-expansion of our IGR net.
“The way our State public and private sectors are organized and run cannot be attractive to our youths. Therefore we can not lure them back and retain them home unless we are innovating and fostering an innovative culture in our public and private sector organizations.
“In Anambra, the trust our people expect to have on their Government is not coming to them. The citizen’s expectation that government will offer answers to their concerns and meet their expectations is lacking. Their expectations that their governments will listen and engage with them and collaborate is therefore not coming”
Dr. Okwenna therefore, noted that it was on the premise of the foregoing that he is offering himself to help salvage the state from dept, saying that ‘Innovate Anambra,’ is his mantra for seeking to govern the State.
The former Presidential aide also said that he has chosen this because the problems of the state are both increasing and becoming more complex.
“Issues like migration, youth unemployment, population explosion, urban poverty and decay, erosion and climate change, security challenges, the inadequacy of affordable housing stock, inadequate healthcare planning, etc. are posing novel and great challenges which cannot be solved in traditional ways”.
He said that Ndi Anambra, responses that go beyond incremental improvements are now required.
“Put simply, innovation in Anambra state and within the governmental system is required urgently just to keep up with the pace of change – and especially to stay ahead of it as it provides us a way to be more responsive to change, and to respond to the future rather than the past.
“We must, as a matter of urgency, reform and innovate our Public service organizations including the leaders in government, strengthen our institutions if they are to meet the expectations of our youth whom our current population distribution favors significantly.
“We must work towards reimagining the public’s experience of interacting with government and ultimately rebuilding trust.
“Our innovation and reform project must include equipping our youths to fit in any competitive modern job sector anywhere in the world and to trust and and believe in their ability to discover, innovate, incubate and develop for our environment,” the further said.
The PDP Aspirant also said, “If we fail to do so, we will deny Anambra the wealth of talent who can provide original, inventive solutions and thereby get back to the stage we cannot be able to meet our obligations sustainably”.
He concluded that the state must innovate or stop existing.
Anambra has become a debtor state under Obiano
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