Anambra The Way To Go By Ifedi Okwenna

The Way To Go By Ifedi Okwenna   Anambra The Way To Go By Ifedi Okwenna

Top PDP  Anambra State Governorship Aspirant Ifedi Okwenna on his interview Stated that his aspiration to be the Governor of Anambra State is anchored on the following five core objectives. The plans, policies and programmes that will guide and reshape our State are drawn from these core objectives. The objectives are:

OBJECTIVE ONE The Way To Go By Ifedi Okwenna

*1. To make Anambra State a leading destination for youths in Nigeria.*

Our intention with this is to create a paradigm shift. Our youths migrate out of Anambra State in droves to other parts of the world looking for opportunities. In most cases, their living conditions are far worse there than at home. They get invested in their new environment and eventually help develop those places at the expense of their homeland. Sometimes, as we have seen, in the places they help develop, envy at their success makes them targets of attacks.

Going forward, we shall provide an enabling environment at home and leverage on the abilities of these youths to develop our State.

My dear Ndi-Anambra, if it pleases God to make me your governor, all my programmes and projects during my sojourn in Government shall be woven on these five core objectives.
These core objectives shall give us a new state, enthrone competence, excellence in service, due process, transparency and accountability, purposeful leadership, as well as develop a sense of ownership and patriotism in Ndi Anambra, and especially bring them home to contribute to the development and advancement of our state.

This is the way to go.

Join us, let’s go to work.
It’s possible.



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