Coscharis Rice Mill In Pictures

coscharis rice mill, coscharis rice farm    Coscharis rice  mill, coscharis rice farm Earlier 2016, President Buhari reveals plan to ban importation of foreign Rice. Which lead to high demand of Nigeria made rice.

Anambra State Government and the billionaire businessman by name Chief Cosmas Maduka owner of Cosharis Motors took the advantage and Started a Rice Mill and farm and today have a daily milling capacity of over 60 tonnes.


And today, people saw the rapid increase of the company and embrace the call to invest in Agriculture.


This also cause the People of Anambra State to start farming, which have help the state reduce the rate of poverty and hunger in the states and also increase the state revenue.


Cosharis Rice Mill Cosharis Rice Farms Nigeria Limited is said to be the highest commercial farm in the state with over total of 2000 plus hectares of land also he constructed a lake from which water is channelled to all parts of the farm.

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Below are the pictures of coscharis rice mill, coscharis rice farmcoscharis rice mill, coscharis rice farm

coscharis rice mill, coscharis rice farm

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