Emeka Kalu Tells Tinubu To Understand Edo Isn’t Lagos

Emeka Kalu Tells Tinubu To Understand  Edo Isn't Lagos Emeka Kalu Tells Tinubu To Understand Edo Isn’t Lagos EDO The National Coordinator of PDP Coalition, Chief Dr Emela Kalu has blasted the APC leader, Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu for what he termed as unguarded utterances over national issues, especially with regards to the present state of Edo where the naked exhibition of political desperation of some gladiators has put the state on political red zone.


But taking into cognizance of the political dispositions of Ahmed Tinubu in recent years, especially with regards to the same mannerism and desperation with which they foisted President Buhari on Nigerians through their strange political marriage, one begin to wonder when he will come out of living in his utopian wonderland of deception, desperation and political godfatherism that succeeded in making Lagos and some Southwest State to become his private estate to pluck and plunder.


Tinubu has failed to understand that Edo State is not like Lagos where he has continued to hold swear through his stooges planted in office. Let him beware that Edo people are great people with pride and mind of their own to choose their future and not the wish of godfathers.


His calling on employees and Edomites to reject Obaseki is playing to the gallery. He can not control Edo as he is controlling Lagos, this is a statement the people are ready to make irrespective of planned show of Federal Might to subdue and intimate the electorates. A precedence will be set in this election.


The plans by Tinubu and Oshiomhole to extend their godfatherism to Edo the way the did in Kogi will be stiffly rejected as Kogi never recovered from their desperation.

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It Is so sad that Tinubu will be portraying himself as a Democrat while his aticidents is opposite as he has sold Nigeria into political slavery to fulfil his ambitions of becoming Nigerian President in 2023, forgetting that, that too is a big mirage and a miscalculated political escapade.

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Chief Dr Emeka Kalu is National Coordinator, PDP Coalition.

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