EndSARS Panel :Truth Revealed About Enugu EndsSARS Panel hearing on Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude

Enugu EndsSARS Panel hearing on Mr Ugochukwu OzoudeRevealed: Enugu EndsSARS Panel hearing on Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude


TRUTH REVEALED about the False Allegations against Ugo Ozoude during the #EndSARS protests.

With the ongoing #EnuguStateEndSARS panel of inquiry, more evidence has come to the fore showing that Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude who was a member of the now defunct Anti Crime unit SARS that was accused widely on social media spaces as having been a murderer as alleged by a certain Facebook user by name Mr Charles Ogbu turned out to be complete falsehood in its entirety .

Mr Charles Ogbu had during the #EndSARS protests posted pictures and private information of Mr Ugochukwu Ozoudeand called on the public to harass and threaten him with phone calls and messages to the extent that the lives of his family was threatened.  The mental torture and trauma the family went through that period is something not worth experiencing .


In his own defense , Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude volunteered to be invited to the panel and accepted that if any case of illegal extortion or police harassment be proven against him , he would be ready to face the full wrath of the law .


The panel of inquiry has been on for about 6 months now and in all the evidences presented by the panel so far , no record of Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude of having been involved in any illegal activities or extra judicial murders has been proven or even presented. Instead , glowing testimonials have been all the panel of inquiry has been getting extolling the achievements of Mr Ozoude while he served as a SARS officer before his current promotion in the police force.

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This reporter who has been an observer of the entire process of the panel sought to speak with Mr Ugochukwu Ozoude but he declined commenting on his thoughts but instead said that he is delighted that it is now getting clearer by the day that he was a victim of targeted persecution and harassment . Speaking further ,Mr Ozoude said that he would rather allow the public to be the judge of the entire harrowing experience as he has made peace will all those who tried to destroy his name and caused his family grief during the period of the protests in 2020.

Asked what he feels about those who made false posts against him on the popular social media application FACEBOOK, Mr Ozoude said that “one of them is a member of the panel and he has seen that he was innocent all along and I’d allow his conscience to be the judge”

He further went to show this reporter a copy of a message he had earlier received from another social media user Nimrod who apologised to him after he had deleted his post against him and promised to make restitution where necessary as he had found out hours later after he made the post that he was misled by another social media user who had personal grudges with Mr Ozoude .

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