Flood Alert By Nimrod

Flood Alert By Nimrod Flood Alert By Nimrod Ariria Market in focus Nimetnigeria had in January 2020 declared some LGAs in Abia States as highly probable flood risk areas. Among the places listed within Abia State as a highly probable flood risk location in 2020, is Umunneochi LGA while others are Osisioma-Ngwa, Isiala-Ngwa North&Ukwa West LGA.What is the GovernorIkpeazu led administration prepareing for any eventuality?

There were drainage paths constructed originally in the market but some of the traders blocked the drains by building illegal structures on the path and totally distorted the master plan of the 44 years old market.

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Sensing that this would not be enough to forestall flooding incidents , the GovernorIkpeazu led administration quickly designed and embarked on tne Ifeobara Pond flood management and the ongoing reconstruction of Brass-Faulks (Ariaria) project by Setraco Construction Company

This has ensured that, for the first time in decades, vehicles can move from Express Junction through Faulks Road to Brass Street along Aba-Owerri Road, in addition to 3 other roads done by the administration to link up Ariaria market area.

There is an unoccupied brand new “Aba Mall” in Osisioma LGA done by private investors under the preceding administration that has been waiting for at least a segment of Ariaria market traders to move to and allow for full, partial or phased reconstruction of Ariaria market.

In this GovernorIkpeazu led administration some internal Roads in Ariaria were rehabilitated and new drains constructed to evacuate storm water through the new 6.5km underground drainage pipe done by the administration

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Though some of these drainages have been blocked by errant traders who constantly dump refuse and other waste items in them thus causing a blockage , the GovernorIkpeazu administration has activation on the evacuation of these blocked drains with immediate effect

If the prediction of heavy rainfall and flooding of Osisioma Ngwa area from hydrological and meteorological agencies hold true then Ariaria International Market and surrounding communities will definitely be heavily impacted.

But with the planned interventions on evacuation of the blocked drains , there is a bit of respite for the traders in Ariaria Market should in case the prediction for the flooding comes to pass .

Further work already done at the Ifeobara-Faulks Road area, the Ikpeazu administration also moved to solve the perennial flooding challenge at the Ndiegoro axis by partnering with the World Bank to commence the ongoing N27.4bn flood control project

This also includes total reconstruction of Ngwa, Obohia, Ohanku and Uratta roads with a spur to PH Road as well as a massive underground drainage through Ngwa road to Aba Waterside.

If completed ,this will be by far the biggest, the most ambitious and the most audacious effort made to solve the perennial Ndiegoro flooding problem that made late Chief Sam Mbakwe weep because of neglect by the federal government.

What can the traders do to help ?

Flood Alert By Nimrod The Ariaria traders should heed the warning from federal and state agencies and do the needful today, there will likely be more better and fine dramatic pictures from Ariaria area in the coming days and years.

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GovernorIkpeazu led Abia State Government is ever ready to support long term solutions to the Ariaria flooding challenge with a ready plan to humanely relocate the traders without causing undue hardship to our people.

For now, it is to the credit of the government that while the administration has not been able to stop heavy rains from falling in Aba we have ensured that less than an hour after the heaviest of rains, flood water will seamlessly follow the newly constructed drains around Aba.


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