Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday: Story About a college student Who He became an NFT stars overnight in 2022

Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday: Story About a college student Who He became an NFT stars overnight in 2022

Indonesian College understudy Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday didn’t expect that his 1000 selfies would detonate to transform into a group NFT Collection! He at first moved the photos for $3 each on OpenSea and inside two days, the NFTs showed up at pretty much 1 ETH each at the top. As of press time, the floor cost of “Ghozali Everyday” has incredibly settled down at 0.329 ETH or almost $1112!

The pictures are straightforward selfies with no exhibition included. It simply shows Ghozali Ghozalo before his PC. The NFT world is without a doubt brimming with shocks since this turned into the Collection’s most noteworthy strength! The picture was the ideal portrayal of a gaming geek: webcam, earphone, and gaming seat. So it had monstrous image potential!

Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday: Story About a college student Who He became an NFT stars overnight in 2022

Sufficiently sure, Ghozali Ghozalo pulled in the consideration of NFT whales! MasterChef Indonesia star Arnold Poernomo is one of the undertaking’s most enthusiastic allies. He has more than 5 million supporters across Instagram and Twitter, so he most certainly helped the Collection. He even uses one of the selfies as his Twitter PFP.

Storyline Here – Ghozali Everyday

Where There is a Will There is a Way. Something similar happened these days. A college student who had been taking selfies of himself sitting in front of the computer for almost 5 years to make his YouTube channel, the same selfies earned him a million. 

The student has gained worldwide fame by turning his 1,000 selfies into non-fungible tokens, which are also known as non-existent currencies. The collection has received a lot of attention and was a sensation amongst the public. Its floor price rose to almost $1112, and its volume reached the $1 million mark in just a week. This is a remarkable achievement for a college student with a relatively unknown background.

Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday: Story About a college student Who He became an NFT stars overnight in 2022

The images he published are all photos of himself and other people from his time at college. The main purpose of his project was to make a Youtube video documenting his college years. His success spawned many other NFT projects, and he continues to do so today. He will continue to add to his collection of photographs and will continue to post them online as long as they are relevant to the topic of the NFT.

As indicated by the OpenSea posting, Ghozali Ghozalo took pictures of himself from 2017 – 2021 (18 – 22 years of age). He shared that his fundamental objective was to make a Youtube video for his graduation. So as it were, he simply needed to archive his school venture paving the way to his graduation. He has been taking photographs of himself way before the NFT blast! Then, at that point, the potential chance to sell it as NFTs came, so he tried it out.

The pictures of Ghozalo are simple selfies of himself sitting in front of his computer, representing the image of the perfect gaming nerd. In one of these photos, Ghozalo uses his headphone to take pictures with his webcam. It’s a great selfie, and it has massive meme potential. His photographs are sold as NFTs and are popular on social media.

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The main purpose of his photos was to make a YouTube video of his life. Before the NFT boom, he had the same goals. He wanted to create a video of himself graduating from college, but the images were of him before the NFT boom. He was selling these NFTs before the NFT boom took off, and it’s still an incredible way to share his images.

The photos were taken from 2017 until the year 2021. His main goal was to create a Youtube video to mark his graduation. He also wanted to document his college life. Before the NFT boom, he started taking pictures of himself. These photos were sold as NFTs, which later became popular among his fans. He even filmed himself on the NFTs. In addition to these, he also sold his photos on his website.

Things to Know Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday Special

Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday is a cryptocurrency with a Discord community. It offers an easy way to sell your coins while earning a second income. You can also sell your Ghozali Everyday for 0.001 ETH or Rp45 ribu. This is a low-cost alternative to other cryptocurrency exchanges, and the price is set to go up as the project grows.

The NFT collection has a 24-hour volume of 250.1 ETH and is owned by 421 addresses. The earnings from this collection likely represent a life-changing sum of money for a 22-year-old college student. Currently, the Polygon address associated with Ghozali’s OpenSea account contains 27.5 Wrapped Ethereum (WETH). This cryptocurrency is worth $93,000 as of writing.

Ghozali Ghozalo Everyday: Story About a college student Who He became an NFT stars overnight in 2022

As of writing, Ghozali’s NFT collection is worth approximately $1.4 million. As of this writing, the cheapest NFT in his collection is available for just 0.475 ETH ($1,500). At its peak, the floor of the Ghozali Everyday collection is worth nearly $1 million, making it the most valuable collection to date. The cheapest NFT sold in the primary sale cost $3000.

The Ghozali Everyday collection’s floor has become a cult. The cheapest NFT in the collection is currently worth 0.475 ETH ($1,350. The collection has been selling for about a million ETH or $1.4 million. As of the time of writing, the price for the Ghozali Everyday collection had hit 1 ETH or $3,250.

After uploading 1000 selfies to his Instagram account, Ghozali NFTs went up from Rp9,4 million to over $11 million within just two days. The floor price for the NFT’s “Ghozali Everyday” collection was almost $1112 by the time the NFTs were sold. Its creator, Gozali, has been building the project on OpenSea for three years.

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Overlook of Ghozali Everyday Collection

The Ghozali Everyday collection was launched on the Polygon blockchain on January 10th. It features ninety-three selfies in front of a computer. The floor price is 0.3 ETH, which translates to over a thousand dollars. Interestingly, the tokens only started trading for a few days. The floor price is Rp6 juta, which is about $1.33 per NFT.

The first pictures of Ghozali Ghozalu were taken in 2017 and they were posted online to show the world his college journey. The main purpose of his project was to make a Youtube video for graduation. He wanted to show everyone the journey he took during his time in college. Fortunately, he began taking photos before the NFT boom and has since sold over five million NFTs.

Ghozali Everyday is a social media site that promotes its founder’s daily experiences on Tanah Air. These photos are sold in the OpenSea marketplace for Rp 48 ribu. These photos can be bought and sold at the Opensea for 0.001 ETH. If you want to buy a photo, you can spend as much as you would on a single Ether.

The latest addition to the NFT market is the Ghozali Everyday collection. The NFTs is a cryptocurrency that will allow users to exchange one token for another. The price of a single unit is about Rp 13,5 (around $560) but the value of a single NFT is much higher, with some trading options reaching Rp 11 million. This collection has already become one of the top-selling cryptocurrencies on the OpenSea Exchange.

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