Group calls on Northern Heavyweights to support Govs on insecurity in Northeast

Group calls on Northern Heavyweights to support Govs on insecurity in Northeast

Reset Nigeria Group calls on Northern Heavyweights to support Govs on insecurity in Northeast In the wake of the incencant loss of lives in Nigeria, predominantly in the Northeastern part of the nation, a people who have had brutal share of this ugly trend that has continued to eat up the region and impede her progress in decades. The problem is such that the efforts and energy so far invested in curbing Bokoharam attacks seems to be aggravating and emboldening the sect into worse attack and inhuman tendencies.l rather than dousing it.


This particular happenstance has become a cause for concern for every well meaning Nigerian who has helplessly watched as more Nigerians are being killed, raped, maimed, dehumanized or kidnapped by these dreaded elements that have refused to grow conscience notwithstanding every opportunity given to them by the considerate administration of President Muhammadu Buhari who has acted like a father to give these misguided elements opportunity to repent.


In this light therefore, the RESET Nigeria Group through her South East Coordinator, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has made a humble appeal to political heavyweights in the Norrh East to, as matter of urgency proffer their unconditional support to the Governors in a bid to rid the Northeast of this insurgency menace by ripping it from the bud as the Governors cannot handle this alone worsening menace alone.


Chief Kalu pointed out that this ugly wind that is blowing no good has continued to impoverish the region as every means that makes life viable has been grinded to a halt because every effort to survive have been sabotaged by these criminal elements.

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“I am humbly calling on Northeast polital elites to come together, they shouldn’t leave this problems to Governors alone no matter their differences, this is time to unite and deliver the people because if this trend continues like this, there may not be constituents to lead in the nearest future. This should worry everybody that wants this nation to remain intact and progress.


“Aside from the incessant loss of lives, this is impeding business and economy of the regions, which will in turn translate into the already existing economic hardship against the backslash of the security lapses of the area and Nigeria at large. I think this is time we need to collectively work on getting this issue handled.


“Whatever needs to be done at this point must be employed. I am of the strong conviction that as soon commitment is invested into the fight against insurgency by all the stakeholders who will throw their weight behind the Governors to exploit options like consulting with grassroots, leaders of the areas and arriving at a decisive approach will solve the helpless situation.


“This is because I know that the people called “Bandits, Insurgents, Criminals” etc are peoples children, wards and must be loyal to certain persons with voice of reasons over their lives. I believe that if this approach is exploited with unity of purpose, then respite will be possible to usher in a permanent solution.


“I am very pained with seeing Nigerians die on daily basis for nothing. Let us act now before we run out of action”, he cautioned.

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