Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win- Gabros

Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win- Gabros Anambra 2021;Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win_- Gabros Your Prediction Is The Biggest Sign That Senator Ifeanyi Ubah Is The Next Governor Of Anambra State– Kamen

My attention has been drawn to the above interview granted by Chief Gabriel Chukwuma, the owner of defunct Gabros FC .

Normally, I will not have bothered to respond to this latest defamatory attempt by opposition elements whose pastime has been cooking up one hallucinatory story after another against the Distinguished Senator, many of which we ignored in the past .We know their fears bother on the fact that the Distinguished Senator has consistently maintained pole position in the race for who will emerge the number one citizen of Anambra State come 2021 .

But i am constrained to respond to this particular smear attempt for the sake of our teeming supporters and well wishers who have been calling to express their umbrage and bewilderment at what now seems to be turning into a tradition of unprovoked periodic attacks from the Chukwumas against Chief Ubah through their employee Mr Cornel Osuigwe’ s yellow blog Anaedoonline.

Let me start this response by specially thanking Chief Gabriel Chukwuma for his negative prediction once again against my principal the most distinguished Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah for it takes a man with spiritual third eye to put two and two together and arrive at the divine message that this latest effort of his shall bring to pass given the similar events that took place during the senatorial elections

Paul as reported in the biblical verses went from persecuting the Christians that proclaim the name of the most High to becoming a strong soldier and mouth piece of that same most High

Let me remind Chief Gabriel Chukwuma incase he has forgotten, that in the run down to the Senatorial Elections , he also came out strongly with a similar prediction of failure against the Distinguished Senator.

You can then imagine the surprise when in complete volte face , the same Chief Gabriel Chukwuma also made history by being amongst the very first set of people that called to congratulate Senator Ubah the moment he won the Senatorial Elections landslide .

Is history about to repeat itself ? Your guess is as good as mine .

On the spurious allegations by Chief Gabriel that his land were taken over without a single payment made , every right thinking person knows that this is a story best suited for the marines and one wonders how Chief Gabriel Chukwuma intends to cover his tracks once the evidence of the payment of the hundreds In millions made to him surfaces

The questions to ask Chief Gabriel Chukwuma are as follows ? .

What made him decide to grant a press interview over a matter that is presently in court ?

Is he planning to run away from the case just as he did when the matter was initially presented to the Igwe and cabinet after Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah showed them evidence of his payment of one hundred and sixty eight million Naira to his bank account and informed the Igwe and cabinet that Chief Gabriel Chukwuma is yet to furnish him with a single document on the land despite the huge payment ?

Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win- Gabros

Why did he criminally refuse to disclose to his brother the Senator that several portions of the land were encumbered having been in litigation over them with the people of Nza Ozubulu for over 15 years ?

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Can he tell the world how the Distinguished Senator after paying him huge sums of money over the land later had to enter into negotiations with the people of Nza Ozubulu including the Igwe of Ozubulu in seeking out of court settlement of the issues including dedicating large sums again in repurchasing those lands ?

Can he tell the world why he ran away from the proposed Justice Ubezionu panel that was to handle the matter as referred to it by the Igwe and the cabinet members which included his own brother Chief Innocent Chukwuma

Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win- Gabros

Can he tell the world the value he has added to his town Nnewi or any contribution ever made by him as a member of the Nzukora Nnewi wattsap platform except the two occasions that he mistakenly dropped coupons of his betting exploits on the platform and apologised (screenshots attached)

Do we also count the fact that he brought BetNaija to Nnewi and is using them to manipulate figures and reap our struggling youths off their hard earned monies a part of his contribution to the development of Nnewi town ?

It is a known fact that Chief Gabriel Chukwuma has no political value in Nnewi but will always come out to grandstand during elections with the intent of collecting monies that he later fritters away on gambling.

This is the same man in the run up to Governor Obiano’s second term election, after collecting monies from both the PDP and the APC and openly joining them on different occasions in campaigning against the Governor..Still found his way to Aguleri and was already sipping crystal champagne and celebrating with the Governor before the Distinguished Senator and his team that delivered the Governor in Nnewi arrived with the results of the elections

Ifeanyi Ubah Contesting For Governorship Election Is A Mere Wish ,He Will Not Win- Gabros

I want to use this medium to advise Chief Gabriel Chukwuma rather than making himself availabl66e to be used by weak aspirants that are afraid of the towering image of the Senator, to pay more attention to his health .

This is most pertinent especially if the word on the streets that he has elevated gambling to an alarming level in recent times to the extent of having periodic depression swings is anything to go by

A man who allegedly dedicates a greater percentage of his day to gambling cannot determine who wins Anambra State governorship election.

Since one common denominator in gamblers is forgetfulness, one may be tempted to pardon the numerous unfounded and defamatory allegations made by the former proprietor of defunct Gabros 6FC in the said interview but investigations carried out before making this rejoinder showed a deliberate plot to do mischief not just by Chief Gabriel Chukwuma alone but also by his brother, the true owner of the laptop media blog outfit, Chief Innocent Chukwuma, who fully funds, equipped and commissioned Anaedoonline to run smear campaigns specifically on the Distinguished Senator, using Cornel Osigwe as a puppet to execute them, just to please some weak political oppositions and in return, has seen him rewarded with contracts like Waste Management Removal etc (in order words, Innoson and Gabros are being rewarded for deliberately attacking and betraying their own brother)

Before going to press , a seasoned media outfit that knows it’s onions would have reached the subject of such publication or his media handlers especially where such interview is riddled with so much defamatory attacks as in the instant case for their reaction and balanced reportage but not Mr Cornel Osuigwe( the communications manager of Innoson) simply because, he is not intelligent enough to actually generate any input or properly advise against such deliberate witch hunt especially when it is unprovoked and totally unjustifiable

Dear Chief Gabriel Chukwuma, please stop seeking for attention and relevance but accept the assurances of my highest regards and do well to inform your instigators that all power belongs to God and struggling all the time to attack Distinguished Senator Ifeanyi Ubah only makes him more popular and endears him even more to Ndi Anambra who has since gone to town with his very popular mantra of #GosimKamfunanya

I will end this rejoinder by challenging you to chose any date and radio station of your choice and I give you a hundred percent guarantee that I will bring the Distinguished Senator to an open debate with you on the issues surrounding the land in question for Ndi Anambra to judge who has been wicked and inhuman to the other

A clear conscience fears no accusation .

This latest attempt at smear campaign against the Distinguished Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah as with the rest has also failed .

Kamen Chuks Ogbonna

Head Strategic Communications to Senator Dr Ifeanyi Ubah

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