Kalu Advices The Youths On Next Step To Take

Kalu Advices The Youths On Next Step To Take Kalu Advices The Youths On Next Step To Take After Making A Strong Statement.The National Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, PDPCO, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has commended the Nigerian Youths for sending a strong signal across to the purveyors of our collective wealth, that it is no longer business as usual in running of the affairs of Nigeria in this era of political awakening and profound awareness. A message that has reverberated all over the world and down to the very foundation of Africa.

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He expressed optimism that the youths have demonstrated readiness to take their destiny in their hands by showing the world their organizational and leadership abilities through organising and managing the most sophisticated protest in the history of the world through conduct, mobilization and financing of the movement without help of the politicians or government. That alone is a strong signal to the revolution that has taken place.


“I always warned that this country is going to explode anytime, but I never knew it was going to be this sudden. I always warned that there is limit to how much people can endure poverty, hardship and bad governance in a country so blessed and booming with natural resources. This result was not unexpected, yet it took us unawares and came with a costly price of human lives.


“The Youths should therefore not rest on their oars. This is time to restrategize and reposition to retire our octogenarian political class of non performance and cluelessness to give way to a better future where the youths will have control over their destinies, a new era of progress and national unity of purpose”.

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Dr Kalu further adviced that the need to create more political awareness to the grassroots is of upmost importance at this stage to educate the rural inhabitants of the need to make their PVC their weapon. He regretted the wanton destruction witnessed when the Hoodlums who happened to be unenlightened youths allowed themselves to become tools in the hands of politicians to destabilize a peaceful and genuine protest, thereby giving the government the excuse to come in and hijack and suffocate the peaceful protest.


“It is regrettable as souls were lost, properties destroyed and more youths thrown into unemployment after their places of work with government were destroyed.


“It is time to educate them how not to show dissatisfaction in the future. It is time to start the search for the right youthful Nigerian entity that will fix the manance in the country, a young and positive minded individual with dexterity and who is detribalized, a great personality that will fix our nation.


“I am urging my teaming youth supporters and entire followers to stand together this time, haven gone through the painful hurdle of extra judicial killing in the country by the hands of our supposed leaders, and after making your case in the entire nation, we are willing to chart a new cause for this country. I have avowed that I will keep on pushing with my wealth of experience and teaming youth supporters to make this dream a reality.


The sacrifices of our blood will not be in vein. So help us God.

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