List Of Terrorist Groups In Nigeria


Terrorist groups in Nigeria

Terrorist groups in Nigeria , Terror groups in Nigeria,Incase you don’t know terrorist means a person or group who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims and self aims.

According to google dictionary.


In Nigeria we have experience many of them


According to Nnamdi Kalu these are the top Terrorist groups in Nigeria or either Terror groups in Nigeria and their founders.


ISWAP (founded by the late Buhari himself)


BOKO HARAM (founded by Amodu Sheriff)


TERROR HERDSMEN (owned and managed by Miyetti Allah)


FULANI BANDITS (founded by El-Rufai)


Al-QAEDA IN THE MAHGREB (owned by Fulani Caliphate)


ANSARU/ANSAR-UD-DEEN (owned by the Sultan of Sokoto)”


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