Ndi Anambra The way to go by Ifedi Okwenna

Support PDPNdi Anambra The way to go by Ifedi Okwenna. This is not the best of time for my dear State. Anambra is at a crossroad. We have witnessed the rise and fall of our state, all within a space of sixteen years. We can not afford to continue the free fall especially with the ravaging effect of Covid-19 and its attendant negative economic impact. A reset is urgently needed.

Anambra – the way to go , is a whole package for revival, development and growth, of our State. It has

* 5 core objectives
* 26 Innovative plans

They are innovative, workable and achievable.

* I am determined to provide the leadership with strong political will to actualize it.
* I shall be transparent, accountable and will apply due process in all public procurements to ensure that our people get the real value for thier money.
* I shall be prudent and ensure that our government is not wasteful and flamboyant.
* I shall discharge my duties diligently and honestly, providing equal opportunites for all with meritocracy as the guiding principle.

Join me as we x-ray serially, these objectives and the innovative plans.


My aspiration to be the Governor of Anambra State is anchored on the following five core objectives. These are:

a. *To make Anambra State a leading destination for youths in Nigeria.*
Our intention with this is to create a paradigm shift. Our youths migrate out of Anambra State in droves to other parts of the world looking for opportunities. In most cases, their living conditions are far worse there than at home. They get invested in their new environment and eventually help develop those places at the expense of their homeland. Sometimes, as we have seen, in the places they help develop, success at their envy makes them targets of attacks. We shall provide an enabling environment at home and leverage on the abilities of these youths to develop our State.

*b.To return the State as the leading Centre for Commerce, Trade and Industry*
Ndi Anambra are the traders, businessmen and industrialists of Nigeria. Onitsha Main Market used to be the largest market in the whole of West Africa, receiving merchants and traders from most part of Africa. Sadly, we may have lost this preeminent rating to other states, thanks to our brothers who went to other Nigerian cities , invested heavily there, building bigger and better markets and stayed on, contributing to the growth and development of these cities. The unfortunate thing is that despite their investments and contributions to the growth of these areas, they are not always appreciated by their hosts. Anambra has human and material capitals, but the capitals are no longer working for us, because our people find it more attractive to invest in other parts of the country. One can hardly blame these businessmen. The fault is with our governments which have abandoned their roles and left our markets uncared for and unattractive. Our intention is to make our markets business-friendly with necessary administrative, infrastructural and technological backbone and maximum government attention and support so as to attract Anambra business men back home.

c. *To make Anambra the leading Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship development.*
Ndi Anambra are the leaders in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Engineering, Science and Technology. At the present, however, our environment is not enabling. We lack basic tools that will propel growth in ICT, science and engineering research and development. Our bests therefore migrate to other places where infrastructure and network readiness are easily available. Low business innovations and technology penetrations, low capital inflow and absence of institutions are increasingly contributing to driving businesses, investments and wealth out of our State. We shall work hard to develop our infrastructural backbone, propel innovation and advance research.

d. *To create a system where government care for and protect her citizens*
Ndi Anambra have become the leading migrants (both legal and illegal) in Nigeria and probably Africa. Local and international migration has continued to blossom, but unfortunately, we have not been able to develop any database of our citizens in anywhere in the world or cared for their wellbeing. Many of our citizens are languishing in various prisons and detention centres across the world and nobody takes any notice of them. In parts of the world including some States of Nigeria, Ndi-Anambra are periodically being dispossessed of their legally acquired property and investments. Some are often over-taxed to frustrate them into abandoning or discontinuing their lucrative investments. If we must get our people to propel adequate Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Diaspora remittances and investments, and other general investments into Anambra, we should henceforth care, protect and defend them wherever they are in all parts of the world.

e. *To redefine and own our narratives, develop Anambra Brand and make our people invest in it.*
The perception of Onye-Anambra by others is far worse than the reality. Other Nigerians have developed a negative stereotype of us. This is due to lack of information and absence of deliberate effort by us to tell others who we actually are. Few bad elements have given us bad names, making others see all of us from the same prism. We cannot keep quiet about this unfortunate negative development. We need to henceforth do things right, tell our stories, develop a new narrative for ourselves, create the Anambra brand, market it and ensure we all invest in it. It shall be a legacy for ourselves and our children.

My dear Ndi-Anambra, if it pleases God to make me your governor, all my programmes and projects during my sojourn in Government House Awka, shall be woven on these five core objectives.
These core objectives shall give us a new state, enthrone competence, excellence in service, due process, transparency and accountability, purposeful leadership, as well as develop a sense of ownership and patriotism in Ndi Anambra, and especially bring them home to contribute to the development and advancement of our state.

Join us, let’s go to work.
It’s possible.

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