Olisa Metuh engages the Nigerian populace on what participatory nation building should look like

Olisa Metuh engages the Nigerian populaceOlisa Metuh engages the Nigerian populace on what participatory nation building should look like

The former National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has taken to his official Facebook Page to engage all well meaning Nigerians in a debate about 5 key sectors of the Nigerian state .

Speaking on his official Facebook page , the former NPS challenged Nigerians to change their outlook on governance and instead of spending time on criticising without providing solutions to issues beleaguering the country, but to also provide solutions to these problems .

He also said that there will be prizes to be won for the first 3 best suggestions made on each of the posts bordering on the issues raised and promised that each of the suggestions will be channeled to the appropriate authorities and agencies in charge of the issues raised .

Starting with the most important which is the security challenges that the country is currently battling with .

Each of the problems will be outlined bi-weekly and the prizes which are cash gifts will remain same .

“During my days as national publicity secretary of a ruling party, I unequivocally deplored the tendency, manifest among many who should be regarded as enlightened in our society,, to not only see nothing good in Nigeria but also to refuse to contribute constructively towards our collective growth especially in the promotion of good governance.

Subsequently, as the spokesperson of an opposition party, I made efforts to proffer alternative ideas for national development, even where such ideas were not charitably received by those who could have implemented or at least considered them.

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Currently, the polity is assailed by a heightened incidence of condemnation and criticism rather than the proactive seeking of solutions to our common challenges. This trend, to say the least, is definitely inimical to our sociopolitical and economic development as well as national cohesion, whatever the political affiliations or demographic in power.

I am moved in the premises,, with a sense of civic responsibility,, to plead that we find it in ourselves to redirect inflamed energies and passions towards finding solutions to the grave issues threatening to us all.

To that end, I am providing this platform to facilitate credible debate and the suggestion of options or solutions to the present policies and programmes on ground. No one person or group has the exclusive preserve on wisdom or knowledge and I pray that all remember this truism as we proceed.

In the next few weeks, we should see innovative ideas and far-reaching suggestions pertaining to the national question, including but not limited to security, the economy, the constitution, youth development, women empowerment and social equity.



The strict focus, without exception, is on constructive contributions and suggestions. No mudslinging, criticism and condemnation of personalities in or out of power will be entertained. This is a forum dedicated to issues and issues alone with a view to encouraging civil dialogue and consensus-building.

In the final analysis this is a challenge to all, on both sides of the divide, to proffer alternatives, options, amendments and solutions.


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All comments and suggestions should be directed to his official Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/117841240341879/posts/134881328637870/

Olisa Metuh engages the Nigerian populace

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