Ondo Election: Kalu calls on ALL PDP, all electorates to rally behind Eyitayo Jegede

Ondo ElectionOndo Election: Kalu calls on ALL PDP, all electorates to rally behind Eyitayo Jegede Fewhours before the much anticipated  Ondo Election that will further consolidate the recently achieved free and fair election in Edo State, many vocal politicians has continued to voice out the necessity it portends for all Nigerians, especially, Ondo electorates to borrow a leaf from the determination against political desperados in Edo state which made the people’s votes to count as it is the only tool at the disposal of the people.


In a statement signed by Comr Amos Kalu, the media Aide to Chief Dr. Emeka Kalu. The National Coordinator of People’s Democratic Party Coalition, reiterated the importance attached to upholding of votes of the masses as the only action that will continue to deepen the roots of democracy in Nigeria, especially at a time it seems that impunity has reigned unchallenged.

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“I have always maintained that it is in our hands to strengthen democracy in Nigeria no matter the odds we have to face as a people. Looking at; and observing the direction to which the pendulum has swung in the Ondo  Election during campaign, you will notice that the odds are against the incumbent while the PDP Candidate Eyitayo Jegede seems to be enjoying solidarity and support of the people.


“It is a good development that many parties, who have read the handwriting on the wall had already collapsed their structures into supporting the PDP Candidate because they understood the times.


“I am only calling on the PDP party members, especially the Governors not to lose guard by throwing their weight behind Jegege to not only get the votes, but also to prevail on INEC to respect the wish of the people.


“The only thing APC will try to do now is to rig the , Ondo Election desperation had already betrayed this reality. But when the people come together to make their statement as seen in Edo State, there will be no choice than to uphold the will of the people” Chief Kalu contended.


He also prevailed on President Buhari to continue to show his commitment to ensuring the surviving of democracy in Nigeria through free, fair and credible elections devoid of bitterness and violence.

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