PDP Coalition Condolence Message To The Victims Of #EndSars Massacre

PDP Coalition Sympathizers With The Family Of Affected #EndSars MassacreTHE PDP COALITION

PDP Coalition Condolence Message To The Victims Of #EndSars Massacre Condolence and sympathy goes to the families of those who lost their lives in Lekki. This is the Nigeria I have been avoiding to see.

The shooting of protesters in Abuja and Lagos, is babaric and unacceptable. It is time for our politicians to know that the lives of these youths is the future of our Nation. Peaceful protest is within the frame work of the law.

Children who forgot history as to why their parent hated Buhari said they had forgiven Buhari for jailing & violating the rights of their parents & were jumping up in 2015 shouting Sai Baba. But they didn’t realize, it wasn’t just about them We are all victims now.

Look at what the tyrant is doing to our country.



Dr Emeka Kalu

DG Atikulated

PDPCO National coordinator.

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