People’s Democratic Party Coalition, is a child of necessity borne out of the importance of having a Youth focused mobilization arm of the largest party in Africa, the PDP with attention on the need to reorient the younger generation to stand up and contribute their quota in the process of shaping the future of Nigeria where they are the leaders of its tomorrow.

PDPCO as a political interest group shares in the idea that retiring older generations of politicians is not the solution to myriad of problems facing our nation, rather we ascribe to importance of raising youthful politicians that will work side by side with the older generation to build a smooth and transitional power process that will serve as bridge between the older, passing generation and the newer and emerging generations without creating a gap in competence and quality. This is a duty we hold tenaciously because we believe that a sudden retiring of the older generation to hand power to a naive generation will create more problems than solving it. We therefore seek to create synergy between the present and the future within the party to translate to greater future of Nigeria.

To this end, PDPCO has done a lot in raising and engaging youths in active politics under the capable hands of the party leadership, and our contributions have been well recognized and applauded for displaying ingenuity in mobilization and activating the grassroots participation in political activites with the party in particular and the nation at large.

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Our primary vision is to build a politically conscious and ready youths that must blend into the evolutionary process of nation building from the grassroots through the States and Federal level, thereby strengthening the internal democracy existing within People’s Democratic Party as a party and Nigeria as a nation for progress, justice, unity and national cohesion.

Realizing the importance of nation building and deepening institutionalization of internal democracy, our mission among others, include to train a politically conscious younger generation that will take the message of democracy to the grassroots.

It is without argument that the years of PDP in power was better than what we experience in Nigeria today. If has therefore become a call to duty for the vibrant People’s Democratic Party Coalition members to work tenaciously in all ramification in commitment to ensuring that power returns to the party with experienced men that can lead the nation out of the woods towards light of progress and even development that will take away the present slide into abyss of ethnic and religious tension back to light of unity and love for our nation at all times.

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