Realme x7 Review

in this article now let’s go ahead and

Talk about the build quality and the

design of this

the realme x7 is made out of plastic

but the back panel feels a lot like the

real me x3 or even my xiaomi mi 10 pro

which is something that i really like

this has a matte finish it’s

not glossy it’s not gonna be a huge

fingerprint magnet

one thing that i love about the

 realme x7

is its size it’s really slim i mean it

only has a four thousand three hundred

milliamp hour battery capacity which

maybe helps with the slimness of the

design of the phone but

this is something that i really look for

in a phone something that i can

hold really well in my hands this is

gonna be the perfect size just for


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and if you look at the colorway that i

have this is the island blue colorway


Really looks good moving on let’s go

ahead and talk about the performance on

the realme x7

this is equipped with the mediatek

demand cp 800u

This is a 7 nanometer chipset and this


way better than whatever chipset they

had on the realme 7 series

this was something that i was excited

about when i started reviewing this

and i’m happy to say that it performs

really well

we’re going to be talking more about

gaming in a different section but just

to touch on it i

really love the performance when it

comes to gaming because i didn’t feel

any heating

issues but just for multitasking opening

different or several apps browsing

through facebook and

instagram and all of that and watching

videos on youtube or netflix

you’re not gonna have any issues


it’s a fantastic performing phone at the

mid-range level

so yeah i really love this dimension

series of

chipsets from mediatek all right so

moving on

let’s go ahead and talk about the

display now this is where i really

want to command realme this is a

mid-range phone equipped with an

amoled display and this is a really good


now a lot of you have requested that i

make a comparison between the realme x7

and the poco x3 and i think one of the

best comparisons that we can do between

the two phones is when it comes to the

display now this is not the dedicated

Article between the pocox3

and the realme x7 but i just wanted to

show you guys a glimpse of what you can

expect between the

poco x3 and the realme x7 display

so this is a battle between an ips lcd


and an amoled display and this is where

you’ll see


how much better the amoled display is so

enjoy these beautiful images

between the realme x7 and the poco x3

basically what you’re going to be seeing

here is that the display on the poco x3

will be brighter

than the display on the realme x7 but

one thing that i want you all to notice

is that when it comes to black levels

the amoled display

wins all the time so it’s a better

representation of what colors you can

see because it doesn’t introduce the

extra brightness now when it comes to

the fluidity of the display of course

you’ll be seeing a more fluid display on

the poco x3 because

that one has a 120 hertz display while


realme only has a 60hz display but

again if you’re gonna make me choose


a 120hz ips lcd display versus a 60hz

amoled display i’ll pick the amoled

display any time of the day

now just a quick side note on the real

me x7 when it comes to media consumption

if you’re looking forward to watching hd

quality movies on netflix you’re not

gonna be able to achieve that with the

realme x7

as it is right now because this is a

china version so we only get

white vine level 3 certification in this

so there’s

really no hd quality on netflix

as you can see here now the question is

will you be able to notice the

difference between an

hd quality video versus a non-hd quality


i’d say if you’re really picky with your

video quality

i really think you’d notice it just like

me but if you’re not very particular

with video quality when it comes to

watching movies

then you’re not going to be able to

notice that much of a difference when it

comes to

hd versus non-hd netflix video quality

all right next up let’s go ahead and

talk about the camera on this so this is

equipped with a 64 megapixel main


an 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens a 2

megapixel macro lens and a 2 megapixel


sensor now as of the time of this review

i wasn’t able to confirm

what sensor they were using for the main

camera whether it was a

sony imx686 or a sony imx

682 but one thing that i can assure you

is that

this takes good quality photos

as well as videos you can get 4k quality

at 30 frames per second

and rather than bore you with my camera

sample talk i’m just going to show you


in the google drive link the full

resolution photos so you guys will be

able to

check them out for yourself but overall

i was really happy with the camera


of the real me x7 i was able to get good

quality photos especially at night time it’s not gonna be super magical like it will perform better than flagship phones but it performs decently when it comes to nighttime photography now moving on let’s go ahead and talk about the gaming performance on the real me x7 i’ve had a really enjoyable time playing games it performs really well and i was so blown away by the performance of the mediatek demansity 800u you know it’s just so surprising that mediatek has finally shed off its label of being a producer of chipsets that get really hot in an instant because with this one My phone remained really cool i mean the hottest that i’ve gotten on this is around 38 degrees celsius and that’s for about two hours of gaming non-stop on this


presently one thing that you should observe of however is that the dimension 800u is not yet optimized for most games for example with mobile legends you can only get up to high graphical settings without the ultra settings option but you do have hfr now as for call of duty mobile i did have a very smooth experience on this but you have to take note again that this is not optimized yet for call of duty mobile as of the time of this audit I was only able to get up to medium graphical Settings with no options for high or very high graphical settings on call of duty as for pubg you can get up to hd graphical settings and nothing more than that end of this article

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