Save Nigeria from burning, seek advice to tackle insecurity, Kalu tells Buhari

Save Nigeria from burning, seek advice to tackle insecurity, Kalu tells Buhari

As Nigeria continues to simmer in the boiling water of crisis that has been allowed to fester by the clueless disposition, propaganda and unseriouness of Buhari-Led Government. The National Coordinator of PDP Coalition, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has called on Buhari to quite playing King-Kong and seek professional advice and support from experts before it is too late.

Chief Kalu who is on state visit to Guiné-Bissau, made the statement after an all-important meeting with president of the West African Country, General Umaru Sissoko Embalo.

According to him: “Nigeria is on the brink of collapse if nothing is done fast about it. This is not time to play ethnic jingoism or hide in pretence as if all is well. Presently Nigeria has become a killing field from North to South, East to West, yet we tend to pretent as if nothing is wrong.

“Buhari and his handlers should quickly seek professional advice and support without delay to avert the gathering rain that will spare no one.

“There has been endless cries of marginalization, and the 1999 constitution has been faulted by many comprising units of the nation, it is high time we take a look at these contending issues to save Nigeria from collapsing.

“Another point is that Buhari should own up and become Nigerian President and not a tribal president of the Fulani people. He should take a bold and unbiased position to caution Miyetti Allah to desist from making utterances that is capable of further jeopardizing our fragile peace and also find a way to broker dialogue with all discenting voices as it is the only way out of our current predicament”, he said.

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Kalu maintained that no human beings existing in the 21st Century should expect that people will continue to live under the illusion of the 70s when everything goes, insisting that Nigeria has evolved.

“I demand that Buhari should address the nation because the spilling of blood on her soil is crying for vengeance. Unless we no longer has a president”.

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