The call for Atiku to lead protest not idiotic, just careless – Dr Kalu

The call for Atiku to lead protest not idiotic, just careless - Dr KaluThe call for Atiku to lead protest not idiotic, just careless – Dr Kalu


Sometimes I feel too defeated and morally eroded to comment on Nigeria issues, especially when their priorities are misplaced like in the current unfortunate government policies slammed on her citizens mindless of the facts that they’re coming out of a world level disaster that even brought foremost economies to their knees.


It is very unfortunate also that when countries like Ghana, Rwanda and other African countries had understood the need to give their people tax relief and stimulus packages to encourage economic recovery, Nigeria seems to be under a curse by a government that seems to act before thinking. A government that has only given pain, pain and more pain to her already downtrodden citizens.


But my major concern here is not in scooping the spilled milk that Nigerians erroneously enthroned in 2015, but my worry is in how Nigerians have grown so cowardly that they are too afraid to speak the Truth to a failed leader, but rather have chosen to pick on the only man that has continued to call out Buhari and his countless misdemeanors.


To put the record straight, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar single handedly fought this unfortunate government to Supreme Court level because he believed it was his duty to rescue Nigeria. He has not relented in speaking up against this government and I am certain he is not going to stop now or ever.


It is also very unfortunate and extremely irresponsible that at a time when Nigerians should man up, bury their cowardly fear and hit the street to register their displeasure, some unreasonable ones are calling on Atiku to lead a protest as if he has been idle from the unset.

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The fight to rescue Nigeria is our collective responsibility and we all ought to lead from our fronts. At the moment Nigerians decide to occupy the whole cities of Nigeria, including Abuja to demand good government from purveyors of our collective right, then we will have it. This fight has gone beyond picking on few men as excuse for our magnified cowardice, but a time we must stand up and be counted.


Alhaji Atiku has been fighting before it hit most who wish to talk now. That he had to bear the daylight robbery of his mandate in 2019 is enough sacrifice, that he has never at any point in time failed to advise, caution and criticise the senseless policies of this administration should’ve been enough motivation for the cowardly masses.


This fight is the one the masses should lead while men like Atiku continue to make case for the voiceless. For those that wish him to come to the street, let them express their displeasure by stepping foward to speak up like most of us have done, when they do, be rest assured that there will not be abandoned by the man that has already sacrifice much in fight of your well being.


Let Nigerians own up and confront the man killing their collective destinies, Buhari, and for once encourage the only man fighting for them. When the time comes for PDP, Atiku, CUPP and other opposition elements to match the streets, it shall be at their own calculated terms and not at the instances of those with misplaced frustration and careless anger.

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