The cannange In Nigeria must be stopped by PDP Coliation

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The cannange In Nigeria must be stopped by PDP Coliation

The cannange In Nigeria must be stopped by PDP Coliation The PDP Coliation cannange In Nigeria must be stopped! The situation to Nigerian Insecurity, kidnapping and Northern region will require a considerable political Initiative. This Initiative cannot come from current ruling class in Nigerian whose very material and politics survival rests on such centrifugal force as security and ethnicity. Because we cannot mix security with politics. The brutality with which these attacks are carried out are Unprecedented In recent times in any part of Nigeria.

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Benditry in the Northwest, the insecurity in some state is a major concer to me and concerted efforts.

We know that the power prayer really and truly works. As the father of our nation, let keep him in ours. ( We thanks Him and we need more from Him alone). We are created corrupt, we will live corrupt, with varying degree of culpability, and die corrupt.


Only the forgiveness of the Lord will wash us clean when we meet Him.

Whoever wants lead us must accept this fact and deal us on that basis. The best he can do is to reduce it to the barest minimum he can afford in preventing Circumstances. May God ease the situation of all Nigerian as we pass through this pandamic and Insecurity, benditry, Insurgency, and Kidnapping. Stay Safe and observe all necessary measure to protect yourselves and Our society.



Dr Emeka Kalu

National coordinator PDPCO


Hon Hamza Tolba

National publicity secretary


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