WHY THE UNENDING ENVY BY INNOSON OWNERAnaedo Online Interview: Voice of Gabros, Hand of Innoson.It is very shameful that a man who claimed to be an industrialist and business mogul always delight in exhibiting pure hate and envy against his own brother who has contributed mostly as a private citizen to the development of his company. It is no longer a rumor that the CEO of Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company, Chief Innocent Chukwuma is afraid of the rising profile of his brother Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is also the Senator representing him and other Anambra South constituents at the upper chamber of the National Assembly. This is shocking because a man who claims to be an industrialist is expected to work together with his representative at government but rather than doing so, he delights in exhibiting all kinds of hate against the Senator.

It is important to note that as a private citizen, Senator Ubah was the biggest customer of Innoson company despite the fact that his company products lack parts and proper service centers which make the products difficult to maintain as confirmed in the attached pictures. However, instead of reciprocating the patronage he received with necessary supports, the Innoson Boss regularly delight in blackmailing the Senator using his brother Chief Gabriel Chukwuma popularly known as Gabros and a gutter press known as Anaedo Online which he manages with the name of his Company’s Media Officer Cornel Osigwe.

In a recent interview with Anaedo Online, the CEO of the defunct Gabros Football Club, Chief Gabriel Chukwuma claimed that an Appeal Court has vacated an injunction restraining him from entering the Ifeanyi Ubah International Stadium and that consequently, he is now the rightful owner of the stadium. He also claimed that Senator Ubah duped him and forcefully collected the land where the stadium was located. In the interview, the defunct Gabros FC boss also boasted that stakeholders have already decided on who will take over governance from Chief Willie Obiano and that Senator Ubah will never win if he contests. He also said that Senator Ubah is yet to inform him personally that he will be contesting the 2021 Anambra State Governorship Election. The most funny thing is that he (Gabros) wasn’t able to produce the court document that vacated the said injunction as he claimed, maybe someone needs to remind him that telling lies against a court of law is a serious crime that can put him behind bars. He should also always remember that Chief Obinna Uzor was too pompous like him until he found himself behind bars for telling lies against a court of law and forging court documents.

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Furthermore, on the claim that he was duped and his land forcefully collected from him, the defunct Gabros boss should understand that it is sub judice since the matter is still before a court of competent jurisdiction, therefore I won’t discuss it here and he should be cautious of what he discusses in the media before he sends himself to jail. Also, saying that stakeholders have already concluded on who will be the next Anambra Governor and that Senator Ubah has not personally informed him that he will be contesting the election is not only funny considering the fact that he cannot even win an election in his ward, but is also an undemocratic utterance, maybe he was trying to tell ndị Anambra that his infinitesimal and non influential group have concluded plans to take over voting from the people.

Looking at the baseless claims of Chief Gabriel Chukwuma, it is easy to understand that he is broke and needs financial bailout, no wonder why he forwarded copies of documents that appeared to be gamble notes to the whatsapp platform of Nzukora Nnewi recently (see attached pictures). Gabros as he is fondly called should simply plead with Senator Ubah to assist him with some money instead of hiding under the petty tricks of his brother, Chief Innocent Chukwuma to utter rubbish.

After his brother played his script on Anaedo Online, the CEO of Innoson Vehicles Chief Innocent Chukwuma went online through his image maker Cornel Osigwe to post a stale video in a bid to paint his Senator black and cause some rift between friends of the Senator and those of Coscharis Boss, Dr. Cosmas Maduka forgetting the fact that Coscharis remains a good friend of Senator Ubah. In fact, Dr. Cosmas Maduka is not only Senator Ubah’s friend but also a member of Anambra Progressives, a group of patriotic high profile Nigerians convened by the Senator and has donated millions of naira to the group to support their cause. Also, it is important to note that the Innoson Boss has refused to join the Progressives and contribute to the development of his hometown and the state at large. If Innoson’s mouthpiece is wise enough, he wouldn’t have engaged in such propaganda overdrive and cheap blackmail.

Moreover, the fact that Anaedo Online always refuse to get Senator Ubah’s official response to every baseless accusation made against him by the Chukwuma Brothers and failure of the Innoson Boss to caution Mr. Cornel speaks volume of the company’s biased principles and confirmed the fact that every rubbish published by the online medium against Senator Ubah was the handwork of the Innoson Boss.

Chief Innocent Chukwuma and Chief Gabriel Chukwuma should spend their time thinking on how to at least, contribute to the development of their hometown Nnewi instead of having sleepless nights over the rising profile of their brother Senator Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah. They should be happy that he is their Senator and presently, possesses overwhelming capacity to win the 2021 Anambra Governorship Election. The Chukwuma Brothers should also utilize their time in fashioning out ways of giving employment to the youths instead of inciting them against their brother and Senator. It is very unfortunate that Innoson boasts of situating his vehicle manufacturing business in Nnewi but cannot boast of how many Nnewi or Anambra indigenes that work in the company, if a check on the employees of the company is conducted, one will be shocked to see that it’s personnel department sidelined ndị Nnewi and Anambra at large. In fact, it is even doubtful that majority of its employees are Nigerians.

The Innoson boss should also always try to separate his personal bitterness with his company. It is so unethical and unprofessional to engage the official image maker of his company in Anambra Politics and baseless propaganda. By using his company’s media unit to push his selfish agenda and by deleting comments criticizing it’s unprofessionalism including my comments after I exposed their lies on Facebook confirmed how greedy he is. The Company’s Media Officer, Cornel Osigwe also blocked me. Recall that the Innoson boss falsely claimed through same media unit of his company sometime ago that he has taken over Guarantee Trust Bank, a claim that was not only baseless but confirmed how naive he is.

The love ndị Nnewi and ụmụ ọma Anambra State have for Senator Ifeanyi Ubah is not a magic. It was because of his giant efforts towards human capital and community development. Therefore, instead of envying him, the Chukwuma Brothers should join hands with him and develop Anambra South, and the state at large . They should also emulate him and embark on real human capital development instead of chasing shadows.

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